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The competition Air Cargo Challenge was originally initiated in 2003, inspired by the North American
DBF (design-build-fly) aircraft university competitions. Since then, the competition was held every two
years and, from 2007, the challenge gained a European projection. In 2024, the competition is
organized by the Aachen Drone Development Initiative (ADDI), which won the competition in 2022. It
is a competition for university students and postgraduates in the engineering or science area and was
created to stimulate interest in the fields of aeronautics. In this competition, each team gets the chance
to test and improve their skills by competing with other teams in a design-, build- and fly competition.

ADDI is exclusively managed by students and former students of RWTH Aachen University. They work
as non-political and non-profit associations to promote and spread Aeronautical Engineering. The Air
Cargo Challenge offers students the unique opportunity to develop a multidisciplinary and challenging
project from its beginning to the finished product. By participating at ACC, the teams can test their
knowledge and, at the same time, get involved with a wide range of challenges that students will find
in their future professional careers: technical, interpersonal, and financial challenges as well as strict
deadlines. To participate in the Air Cargo Challenge competition, the team should design, document,
build and fly a radio-controlled aircraft with the best and highest combination of large payload,
excellent efficiency, and high speed.

The aircraft must comply with the following competition’s
regulations, including design restrictions such as pre-defined motor and transport box dimensions.

Number Team Name University
01 ITU ATA Team Istanbul Technical University
02 UVigo Aerotech Universidade de Vigo
03 AeroTéc – ATLAS Instituto Superior Téchnico – Universidade de Lisboa
04 WUT AeroDesign Warsaw University of Technology
05 UBI Aeronautic Team Universidade de Beira Interior (UBI)
06 HERMES NTUA National Technical University of Athens
07 M.ACH. Air Cargo Challeng Team University of Patras
08 AEROATLAS National University of Science and Technology „Politehnica“ of Bucharest
09 CCV Corvus Corax Università degli Studi di Napoli „Federico II“
10 Akamodell Stuttgart University of Stuttgart
11 ICARUS PoliTO Politecnico di Torino
12 Aristotle Space and Aeronautics Team Aristotle University of Thessalonik
13 Rakshak Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
14 AeroUD University of Udine
15 UGA University of Glasgow
16 Team Albatross Tampere University
17 SUAVE The University of Sydney
18 FlyMi Politecnico di Milano
19 Xtra2 UPV Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV)
20 BEOAVIA University of Belgrade
22 VANTUS AeroTeam Universidad de Sevilla
23 LeanIng Project Università di Pisa
24 THU-AIR Tsinghua University
25 UCA&Air Universidad de Cádiz
26 TUM fliegt gut! Technische Universität München
27 HuskyWorks University of Washington
28 Chicken Wing BUT Brno University of Technology
29 EUROAVIA Rzeszow Rzeszów University of Technology
30 Lift UP Università di Padova
31 AeroLab CTU Prague